Law firm SEO Expert Dan Stratford 5 Part Series on Making Your Website SEO Friendlyseo friendly

What do I mean by “SEO Friendly”?

Simply put, it means removing any and all obstacles that could work against your “favor” in the eyes of the search engines, particularly; Google, Bing and Yahoo! For the most part we consider SEO factors related to “on-site” SEO, such as content, site architecture, coding, linking, title and meta data, etc. However, there are some off-site factors that are so “basic” you should probably consider them as an important part of making your website “SEO Friendly”.

Think of it as removing headwinds that can push you back in the search results if your competitors are doing a better job than you.

By taking care of all of the basic steps of SEO, these are the positive effects you are likely to receive:

  1. With minimal work, as long as you don’t have a common law firm name, you should rank rather quickly for your “branded” or “business name” searches.
  2. You will have a good foundation for more proactive on and off site SEO efforts you may need to consider if you want to rank well for competitive search terms someday.
  3. Especially if you add content to your site regularly, you will see your traffic from organic search results increase, and you may even begin to acquire prospects and clients from these searches.

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In this 5 part series, I will go over the following:

  • Site Architecture
  • Site Content
  • Hosting
  • Off-site SEO
  • Social Media

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