Why Paid Search?ppc management

Paid search can drive immediate leads and profits to your practice when done well. More often than not, campaigns fail to deliver because of poor implementation, tracking, management and optimization. If you hire someone with relatively average expertise and limited experience, your marketing budget will most likely go down the drain.

If you want to maximize the revenue potential of paid search, you have to hire someone with experience in the legal industry, as well demonstrable success.

Important Considerations When Hiring a PPC Manager

Honest and Transparent Approach

Do not hire use a PPC management service that isn’t completely transparent. Adwords and Bing accounts should be setup in your law firm’s name so you have access to all of the data now and in the future. This data is very valuable in showing you what is working and what is truly not working.

Track PPC Leads Seperate from SEO and Other Sources

It is so easy to track PPC leads separately from organic leads there is no excuse for not doing it. You need to know how well each is doing on its own so that you can adjust budgets accordingly. In the best case both will profitable but organic client cost per acquisition will be significantly lower.

Using Google to Manage Your Campaigns is Not The Answer

You can ask Google to manage your Adwords Campaign for you. Unfortunately, it is only slightly better than hiring a bad PPC manager that doesn’t work for Google. Our team utilizes machine learning and to improve every campaign we have seen implemented and managed by Google by 50-95%. They can be a useful part of getting campaigns setup, but you must work hard to improve their results or you will wasting a lot of your money.

Our 30 minute free digital marketing assessment includes a PPC opportunity analysis, which includes about 30-60 minutes of research. Request your here::Digital Marketing Assessment.

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