Lawyer Marketing Consulting Services You Can Trust From Dan Stratford and C1 Partners

Tired of trying to guess which salesperson is telling the truth and who has the best solution for your law firm?

Every digital marketing company has salespeople who claim to be “consultants”, but rarely are they more than just a salesperson who has been trained on how to sell the services his company offers. Whether it is one of the traditional law firm marketing companies such as Findlaw, LexisNexis, Justia, iLawyermarketing, Scorpian, or one of the newer companies, their salespeople have to sell their services or they won’t have a job. This means they simply cannot stay objective when giving you advice.

You need an objective third party you can trust to help you make the right decision for your law firm.

This is where Dan Stratford can help.

Step 1: The first step is engaging with Dan Stratford for a free one on one analysis.

In this initial analysis Dan will look at your current needs and goals, and analyze your web presence in that context. After this brief meeting you can decide how you want to proceed.

Step 2: Digital Marketing Assessment and Strategy Development

Dan Stratford will spend at least 4 hours analyzing your current web presence, including your website from a marketing and technical perspective, SEO factors on and off of your site, Your Google Adwords opportunity, social media, a competitive analysis, and more. This includes 2 hours of meeting time. Unlike most analysis offers this is more than just an automated tool that spits out a report. These tools can be valuable, but without an expert to look at the report you will not know what matters, what is irrelevant, or how the results should guide your next step. I subscribe to most of the best tools, and I know how to take the data from those tools, as well as your Google analysis tools and tell you what you should be concerned about and where you should focus your efforts to meet your goals. The analysis also includes a competitive analysis, which is vital because you have to know what your competitors are doing to analyze the gaps between you and those doing better than you to help guide the strategy.
After this assessment, Dan will help you develop a “Request for Proposal” (RFP), so you can approach these service providers armed with a strategy rather than letting them manipulate you into their agenda.
If you are interested in additional services, Dan will also help you with the service provider selection process and show you how to hold them accountable going forward.

You can request your analysis at this link: Digital Marketing Analysis

Step 3: Finding the right vendor to help you reach your goals – and holding them accountable.

Like many attorneys you may be having a hard time choosing between multiple vendors to help you build or update a website, implement an SEO, PPC social media or other marketing strategy. They all are well-versed in telling their story, and since you aren’t the lawyer marketing expert, you don’t know what to do. You also know that the wrong decision may result in wasted time and a lot of wasted money.

Hiring Dan Stratford to audit your potential providers can save you months, even years of wasted time and effort trying to gain new clients from the Internet, and save you thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars you can waste if you choose the wrong vendor.

Steps to Vendor Selection

1. I will start with a comprehensive RFP, that details the needs of your firm, so that you will be prepared to cut right to the chase when speaking with potential service providers.

2. I will help you identify at least 3 potential vendors that seem capable of providing the services you need.

3. I will provide a list of questions for the vendor after they respond to our RFP, and I have analyzed their proposal.

4. I will analyze the capabilities of the potential vendor.

5. I will make recommendations based on the needs of your law firm and which vendor is best aligned to serve your needs.

Payment Options

Assuming you pay for an audit, this additional service is an additional $1,000, and includes 8 hours of consulting. You may also choose to spend $300/month for 4 months to receive the same level of service but over 4 months, which includes monthly meetings with the vendor and analysis of the efforts. After 4 months the monthly service retainer is $200 and includes 1-2 hours of monthly meetings and consulting.

For more details on this service visit our Vendor Analysis Consulting page.