Digital Marketing Mistakes Can be Very Costly

lawyer marketing mistakesMany attorneys have been burned by bad or outdated Internet marketing services, and in many cases it has cost them thousands of dollars if not much, much more.

Attorneys who jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon early experienced different strategies. Some that have worked, many that have not. Growing pains may be inevitable, but avoiding the pitfalls saves you a considerable amount of money and fast-tracks the profitability of your business.

It is hard to find a consultant or an SEO and paid search provider that truly puts your best interests first before financial gain. There is no unbiased directory that tells you who to hire or not to hire—just a list of red flags you should be aware of.

Our lawyer marketing experts will give you the honest answers you want, and he can help you develop the best digital marketing strategy for your firm so you avoid the mistakes many others have made.


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Below are some of the most common law firm marketing mistakes attorneys make when choosing a vendor. Keeping them in mind not only helps you find the right partner, it can also save you from suffering the unfortunate fate of losing money without good results to show for it.

With your hard earned money on the line, you cannot be naïve and learn your lessons the hard way. Discover the danger out there, be skeptical, and take note of these typical mistakes to achieve your online goals successfully without wasting too much money.

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