Lawyer Advocate Dan Stratford

lawyer marketing expert

Tired of talking to salespeople who’s number one priority is “selling” you their services?

It is nearly impossible to know whether they are making recommendations that are in your best interest, or just fattening their wallets.

Dan represents you and your law firm, not another marketing agency, he takes no commissions or kick backs from the service providers you choose.

Dan can help you rest easy knowing you are making the best decisions for your firm, and not falling prey to a slick salesperson’s agenda.

How can Dan help you?

Dan’s extensive experience in Lawyer SEO, PPC, Website Design, Social Media and other Digital marketing means he is uniquely qualified to:

  • Help you develop the best digital marketing strategy for your law firm that will meet your specific needs and goals.
  • Choose the right service provider that is most likely to help your law firm succeed.
  • Help you hold your service provider accountable so you can rest easy knowing they are doing everything they can to help you succeed and that they are remaining transparent with their efforts and results provided.

His experience encompasses all aspects of digital marketing including:

  • Hands on website, SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media, email marketing and Social Media experience.
  • Developing successful strategies for law firms.
  • Training salespeople on how to bring these solutions to market.
  • Implementing trackable, measurable and profitable solutions for hundreds of businesses and law firms.

Before Dan built one of the top digital marketing and SEO agencies in Denver Colorado, he worked on nearly all aspects of bringing digital marketing to attorneys for companies like Dex Media and LexisNexis.

Dan has been providing expert Internet marketing advice and services to the legal industry since 2002. He has taught CLE marketing courses for legal bar associations across the country in webinars, and from Colorado to Hawaii via seminars. He has helped hundreds of businesses and law firms implement profitable digital marketing strategies.

Unlike salespeople who claim to be “consultants”, Dan takes no commissions or “kick backs” from Internet marketing companies. This means he is on your side and will help you hold your service providers accountable. You know when you bring Dan on your team you will have one of the most experienced digital marketing consultants on your side.

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Follow a blog link below for some of Dan’s feature articles that talk about lawyer marketing best practices. From SEO for lawyers, to lawyer blogging and other lawyer marketing activities.  The articles below will help you whether you are a private practitioner, a partner or an associate.  Read on, and don’t forget to leave a comment or drop us a line if you have questions, or just need advice.

You can contact Dan today at 720-985-7945 or visit our “Consulting Services” page to see how Dan may be able to help you meet your marketing goals and avoid the mistakes many other attorneys have made with their online marketing.

Law Firm SEO

Law Firm SEO is more than just link building.  Often, we have to help clients recover from the work of their legacy SEO providers.

The days of building massive amounts of links to rank for your keywords are gone.  Today’s Search Engines are smart and take user experience into heavy consideration.

Lawyers have a great understanding of their clientele, possibly better than any other profession. By leveraging this knowledge and applying it to user experience on Law Firm Websites, Dan Stratford and his team have helped dozens of Lawyers and Law Firms not just on their rankings, but also their traffic conversions.

Most importantly, Dan’s team is dedicated to helping you implement the Lawyer SEO, PPC ,website design and other strategies that work and help you meet the goals of your firm.

Lawyer Marketing

Lawyer Marketing is an art and a strategy.  It’s about the synergistic combination of Web development and design, Content creation, content marketing, SEO, display marketing, call tracking and many other strategies.

It has taken us years of experience and dozens of success stories (and learning experiences) to gain an intimate knowledge of what works and doesn’t work in Lawyer Marketing.

These articles are about helping you understand what works for clients, getting you to be more collaborative about your law firm’s digital marketing strategy, learning the best practices in the industry and getting a website with visibility that is as good as or better than your competitors.

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