Is Your SEO Provider Making Sure You Have a Natural Looking Link Profile?


One of the challenges is what’s a natural looking link profile, right? Some people go out and they try to say oh, branded links, or follow or no-follow links are no good, or site way links are not good, or keyword text links are the way to go, and really that’s not it. The more naturally you come about your links and the more natural your link profile looks, the better off that you’re going to be. In that regard, it’s hard to get too many branded links to your website, meaning links to your website via your business name, or something, a variation of your business name. It’s hard to mess that up. Naked links which are links to your website via your domain name, again, hard to mess those up. Those are pretty good links to get to your website, no matter what the quality of the site they’re coming from, meaning of course it can’t be a spammy site, but if it’s got a low PR, IPR or whatever, it’s still typically a good link, again with the exception of being spam link farms and those types of things, gambling sites, pornography, et cetera.


Keyword text links, you want to get some keyword text links to your site because that can help tell Google what your site is about; however, if you go out and get all your links, you’re a Denver divorce attorney, and all of your links say Denver divorce attorney pointed to your website, that’s going to look very suspicious to Google and now they’re catching on that when people do that, dozens and dozens or hundreds and hundreds of times, that it’s spammy and so your site will get penalized if you get too many keyword text links in relation to your branded and naked links.

Follow links are the links that pass on link juice or link power if you will, page rank, domain authority, et cetera, but that doesn’t mean a no-follow link is bad. A no-follow link looks very natural, and if you have a lot of no-follow links that eventually lead to some follow links, that all looks natural. So no-follow links don’t penalize you in any way, theoretically, not one of those spam or link farm sites we discussed.

Then not sitewide, so one thing that’s kind of shifted things a bit is those putting links in a blog roll or in a footer of a website that points to your website 1,000 times because there’s 1,000 pages on that website is not a good thing. It can have a negative impact if you have too many of those, but all that is to say, bad links, keyword text links like we see could be negative or positive. Follow, negative or positive, no-follow negative or positive, sitewide negative or positive. It’s not simple and it’s changing constantly.

You want to be careful when you approach your SEO provider, not to criticize what they’re doing, but find out what are they doing? How are they getting links? How are they doing the balancing act? Some of these tools we can show you in the cases that what they’re doing may be more harmful than good.


More about social media. It takes a lot of time, consistent effort, measuring results of social media can be a challenge, but it can lead to links and it’s great at sharing content and kind of reiterates a lot of the stuff we’ve already been talking about. Just getting social media set up and linked is not going to get your site ranked. There has to be other things going on, but it is a good long term strategy and any kind of social media approach that you take should be customized for you, either internally or by a professional.

Analyzing the Off-Site SEO Work of Your Search Engine Optimization Service Provider

Here are some of the tools we use to analyze off-site SEO factors. Google webmaster tools gives you a ton of data. I’ll go into the details step-by-step as to how we would do that. Ahrefs another great tool I’ll show you step-by-step. You might take some time to look at Moz. They have a good system. So does BrightLocal and Majestic SEO, some paid versions, some free versions of all of these tools. Google webmaster tools is free of course.

We’ll be going into these details over the next few weeks. Come back and visit us and you’ll learn more about that. Of course, you can call me anytime. My name’s Dan Stratford, for a free consultation. That’s my phone number, 720-985-7945. I’d be happy to talk to you 30 minutes for free. If you’re a prospect for services, I’ll spend a little bit more time with you of course, trying to earn your business. If you want to hire me just for consulting, where it’s a strict consulting plan, I’m not even going to sell you any services at the end of the day, my rate is $250 an hour, 2 hours or more and it goes down significantly. At any rate, look forward to hearing from you and hope you have all the best of luck in your efforts in SEO.