Google penalties are a true bummer. It is even more frustrating if the “punishment” is algorithmic and you follow the Webmaster Quality Guidelines by the book. You try to think what you did wrong, but finding the answer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. At this point, the most logical thing you should do is to get help from an expert who can quickly turn things around.
That expert is Dan Stratford.
Dan has the expertise and he can show you examples of his success stories with his previous clients. He has extensive background in Google penalty recovery for lawyers with over 10 years of experience under this belt. Most importantly, he has the resolute determination to bring your site back to profitability.
Bounce Back or Start Over
To save time, Dan will assess your current website to decide on the best route to take. He can help you recover, but it is a question of time, and it mostly depends on how bad you dropped down the rankings.
You can trust his word on whether to spend time and money to rebound or to simply build a new site with a new domain name is worth your while.
From Bad to Worse
Suffering from a costly penalty is bad enough, but you can worsen your situation if you take the wrong approach to fix it. Penalties come in different forms and each one requires a certain course of action to reverse it. Let Dan take care of everything; all you have to do is wait for his recommendations.
You may have lost your ranking this time, but you can regain the stop spot. Contact Dan now for your free consultation.