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Written by Attorney Advocate Dan Stratford

If you are like many attorneys or law firm representatives, you are trying to avoid many of the mistakes you or other law firms have made in the past wasting money on empty promises made by Internet marketing “sales consultants”. You are trying to weed through all of the lies and mis-information that seems lawyer marketing expertto dominate the Internet so you can find the right solution for your firm without getting ripped off.

You want to find someone who will give you honest answers to your questions and help you find the strategy that is going to drive the best new clients your way so you can do what you are great at: practicing law.

The Truth About Law Firm Internet Marketing

Lawyer Marketing Expert Blog was founded by Dan Stratford in January of 2008. The goal of this blog is to provide honest and expert answers to questions about lawyer, law firm or attorney marketing. You can call Dan directly at (866) 320-5333 to have your questions answered now.

Dan’s Experience

  • Over 10 years of legal Internet marketing consulting, including 3 years at LexisNexis.
  • Taught certified legal education courses on marketing for legal bar associations throughout the United States.
  • Dan has an advanced certification with Google Adwords that can only be acquired by meeting higher levels of experience than the average Google Adwords certified professional.

Dan has consulted for hundreds of law firms across the United States from Florida, to New York, and all the way to Hawaii. He has developed and implemented successful, profitable SEO and PPC programs for nearly all areas of practice, including:

  • Personal Injury Attorney Marketing
  • Patent Attorney Marketing
  • Family Law Marketing
  • Criminal Law Marketing
  • Immigration Law
  • Business Law
  • Tax Law
  • Real Estate

Dan can help your firm avoid the mistakes many attorneys have made and continue to make, including:

  • Committing to the long term contracts from companies like LexisNexis/Martindale Hubbel, Findlaw/Westlaw and others ask you to sign.
  • Relying on the yellow pages, television companies, or newspaper organizations to optimize your website.
  • Paying someone to provide SEO or PPC for your site, while they are also working  on your competitors.
  • Falling for the programs that “sound too good to be true”
  • Wasting money on programs that do not work

Dan can help you with the right solution for your firm. Follow the links below for more details.

For a free consultation call (866) 320-5333.

If you were negatively affected by a Penguin, Panda or other Google update or had any significant drop in your rankings, contact me immediately for a $300 detailed site audit and 1 hour phone consultation: Call (866) 320-5333 and/or fill out this form: Lawyer Website Audit and Consultation)





Dan Stratford has been an Internet marketing consultant for law firms since 2002. He provides premium level SEO, PPC and related Internet marketing services via his Internet marketing company C1 Partners. Dan has been consulting for the legal industry since 2002. He has taught marketing CLE courses throughout the USA for multiple legal bar associations. Dan's attorney clients benefit from top 3 Google rankings for their most competitive search terms in competitive markets, driving millions of dollars of revenue for his clients every year.
Dan lives in Denver with his wife Mary, and they have 5 children.
For his full bio please visit his LinkedIn page.