Blogging can be a powerful tool for law firms. It will help you capture long tail traffic to your website, keep your website fresh, and give you excellent content to share with others to improve your web footprint and web presence.

Blogging will help you establish your firm as the authority in your market, which should be the goal for most firms. It is also an important tool in improving your rankings on your targeted or “money terms” if you want to your firm to rank for the most competitive search terms.

Most importantly, when the right blogging strategy is implemented you will drive new clients to your firm.

When visitors search on legal topics that are important to them and find your blog, they are often in the earlier stages of choosing a lawyer. It is an opportunity to engage with these prospects and establish yourself and/or your firm as the place they should turn to for help when the need arises.

Lawyer blogs are an incredible tool for adding more value to your site. It turns your ordinary site into a primary source of legal information, which makes your potential client smarter and lets you leave a positive impression with your nuggets of knowledge.

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Here is an outline of how blogging can help you law firm marketing efforts:

Driving New Traffic

Every new post is another page indexed. This means you can attract new prospects using your optimized blogs through the search engine. Writing insightful and informative reads regularly sends signals to the search engines that your site is active, and therefore encourages them to keep checking your freshly published content and show them in the results.

The more blogs you write, the more opportunities to appear on Google and Bing.

Converting Your Traffic into Leads

With the right messaging and thoughtful, lead-generating call-to-actions, your visitors are more likely to share their information.

Establishing Your Authority

Blogging can render your typical lawyer site into a one-stop shop for legal resources. If you are consistent in answering their most common questions with your blogs, especially those that are hard to find anywhere, then you can become an authority in their eyes. Generally, those who search for attorneys are more interested in reading articles related to their situation. The need for reliable legal resources is always present, which is why any practitioner should put a premium on attorney and law firm blogging.

Creativity Meets Technicality

Producing high-quality law topic blogs is a combination of art and science. To achieve your goals in every post, you need to cover both the creative and technical aspects. This does not mean you need to have a flair for writing or undergo formal training in digital marketing. We can provide the tools and teach you techniques to help you come up with interesting and lead-generating articles.

Write, Share, and Wait

In SEO, there is a saying that content is king and distribution is the queen. You need to make make sure your blogs will reach their intended audience and get the attention they deserve. Other than making your blogs friendly to both your prospects and search engines, marketing them through social media is nearly a proven technique to boost your readership and establish your authority.

Capture your target market and add more value to your site through blogging. Consult with Dan today to develop a holistic strategy for your campaign at 720-985-7945.

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